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Keep your dream alive!

Didn’t book that job? Maybe it bruises your ego, but go talk to Mark Ruffalo who auditioned 600 times before booking his first gig. You’re not the only one.

Next time you get an audition, I want you to pay very close attention to that “ego-protecting” voice in your head. If you think, even for a split second, that you’re not going to book it, ask yourself why. Why not you?

You’re not allowed to answer things like “Because I’m too old,” “I haven’t book in a year,” or, “I’m not talented enough.” It’s all fake news. Sure, if you haven’t prepared you won’t book but it’ll be because you were unprepared, not because you are too old/not talented enough/whatever other excuses you can come up with.

Despite the fact you haven’t booked in a year, you are talented. Clare Danes auditioned for two years before she landed “Homeland.” I bet her and Mark Ruffalo would have a lot to talk about.

So ask yourself the hard questions and then keep asking why. If you can go into the room aligned with your character from the inside out, you’re way ahead of your competition. And that’s something you can control.

You’ve got this. You’re getting a chance to audition. You’re in the room! That’s a win.

If you want this career—and I know you do—then no matter what happens, dust yourself off and try again. This isn’t your first rodeo and it won’t be your last.

Heather Hiatt is a working actor and founder of The Magnetic Actor Method which teaches actors to believe in themselves again, stop overthinking and nail it on the first take.


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